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Comparica Pty Ltd (the “Operator” or “we”), operator of (the “Site”), provide this policy to set out our policy regarding collection, storage and use of data, some of which allows you to be personally identified. We place a high degree of importance on safeguarding the privacy and security of the personal information provided by users of the Site.

Information that may allow you to be personally identified (“personal information”) consists of your name and your email address. The Operator will not disclose this information to any third party unless it is necessary in order to provide a service that you have specifically requested in writing, we are compelled to in order to comply with a legal process, or it is reasonably determined that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of the Operator, partners or affiliates.

For basic access and use of the site we do not require that you disclose any personal information. In order to access some services and functions, we require that you disclose some personal information and explicitly agree to this Privacy Policy.

The Operator may also gather secondary information that, in isolation, could not be used to personally identify you. This includes demographic information such as year of birth, gender and country. We may compile this information, compare it to site usage, create aggregate (summarized) data about groups, analyse this data and improve the Site and systems. The Operator may provide secondary data to third parties, or publish aggregate (summarized) data, providing that this data does not include your personal information and does not allow you to be identified personally.

While you browse as an anonymous user, we may track your usage for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Your acceptance of the terms of this policy is confirmed by your access and use of the Site. When you browse as a registered user, we may link your tracked usage to your personal and secondary information. This data may only be used for the purposes of better understanding our users, improving the effectiveness of the Site, making offers to you, or providing you a service that you specifically request. The Operator may provide tracking data for only the purposes to third parties, or publish aggregate (summarized) data, providing that this data does not include your personal information and does not allow you to be identified personally.

The above tracking of site usage may utilise cookies or other tracking technology. These collect non-personal information about you or your site usage, including which pages of the Site you visit, how you reached the page, how long you spend on each page, which controls you use and which links you click. Cookies and other tracking technologies used by the Operator do not access your computer hard drive, capture personal information or transmit viruses.

Links provided to products on third-party websites may first direct you to a tracking redirect that may use cookies, web beacons and/or 1x1 pixel images to track anonymous information, such as date and time the link was clicked and the source of the click.

The Site also includes several options for the user to provide feedback through toolbars, through email, or through social platforms. We may use or publish this information pursuant to this Privacy Policy. Any personal information provided will not be disclosed to third parties or published without your express written consent.

We have implemented industry-standard information technology systems and policies to safeguard the security of your personal information. However the Operator provide no warranties that the security systems or policies used can guarantee security of your personal data. For the upkeep and improvement of these systems, we may use third-party consultants or contractors. These third parties may not access your personal information and must comply with this Privacy Policy.

As set out in the Terms of Use, the Site contains links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policies, Terms of Use or business practices of other sites including those linked to from the Site.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree not to interfere with or infringe upon the privacy of other users’ data and the data belonging to the Operator.

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued acceptance of the Privacy Policy is implied by your continued use of the Site. If we make major changes to the Privacy Policy we will publish this prominently on the Site.

If you have queries or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or would like to access your personal information, please contact us through one of the available channels on the Site.

Last updated 19 June 2012. Copyright Comparica Pty Ltd.

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