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Welcome! Below you see hundreds of laptops currently available from retailers. This website gives you the power to find the right one at the best price quickly and easily.
Seeksolve is for those who want to make a good, logical laptop purchase. If you're sick of salespeople and don't want to read dozens of reviews, our highly focused visual comparison tool is for you.
The best way to use seeksolve to find the right laptop is simply to explore. Click on things, mouse-over things, apply filters and see what happens. Or for a step-by-step approach, read on.
The first consideration (or 'factor') for many people is Price. Start by moving the handle at the upper right of the Product Environment down to filter out the laptops that are too expensive.
Now think about how portable your laptop should be. For highly portable laptops, filter out screen size larger than 14". You may then want to consider factors like Weight, Thickness and Battery Life.
Or, if your laptop will rarely leave your desk, filter out those less than 13.5". As you don't want something highly portable, this frees you to focus on lower price or higher Speed laptops.
Click Screen Size below the Product Environment and select a new factor that you are interested in. Once the Product Environment changes, move a handle at the top to apply a filter.
Continue to browse through this lower drop-down list for factors you care about. Guide words are shown in the Product Environment for each of these, providing clues to the filters you should apply.
We suggest you set the left hand drop-down to the factor you care the most about (Price or perhaps Speed or Battery Life). Then you will see the effect on this whenever you apply another filter.
The Factor cloud (right) exists as not all factors can be shown in the Product Environment. Click a factor and it appears in the fine-tuning area, then use sliders and tick-boxes to apply filters.
For example, if you must have a CD/DVD drive, then you need to click CD/DVD drive in the Factors area and tick Built-in. The fine-tuning area is also a record of all filters currently active.
The Top Results section below the Product Environment shows laptops we estimate are the best value based on your filters. Check these regularly while applying filters - is one right for you?
Let's say you've applied some filters and now have 30 remaining laptop options. For each of these we display The Good, The Bad and The Average compared to the other 30 so that you can assess easily.
Now let's say the top laptop in the Top Results section lists Battery in the BAD section. This might make you think "hey I care about that" so you apply a battery life filter and check results again.
Click Buy when you've applied your basic filters, like the look of a laptop and are considering purchasing. This takes you to the retailer selling that laptop and, if you like it, you can purchase.
So that's a quick introduction to how seeksolve can work for you. This slider will continue to display tips that should assist you in your search. Have fun!
Seeksolve was launched in June. We'd love any feedback you have - positive or not, suggestions and problems. Please use the green Feedback button on the right side of your screen.
Want to know which computer is faster? We give you a simple Total Speed score to easily assess this. The score is calculated from Processor, RAM, Graphics and Hard Drive speed scores from Passmark.
At any time you can save your search so you can come back to it later. Click Save My Search in the fine-tuning area. You will be prompted to register and sign in. It is free to register(of course).
Has there ever been something as misleading as the Battery Life quoted by manufacturers for their laptops? We recommend you expect to get 40-70% of the quoted life in actual use.
If you decide that you are only interested in variations of a certain model or series, type this into the Search for Model box and hit Go. For example MacBook Pro will find only MacBook Pro laptops.
Only apply individual filters to Processor, RAM and Hard Drive speed if you want more details and deeper control over your laptop selection. Otherwise, just use the Total Speed number.
The Processor is the computer's brain. The more powerful it is, the faster your computer will run. An average modern processor has a benchmark score from Passmark of 2600 to 4300.
Most laptops have a Graphics Card that is integrated into the Processor. This will have a Graphics score of 200-400 from Passmark and is more than enough for regular users.
If you want to browse through our FAQ, starting with how to find the right laptop, click here (opens in a new window).
Almost all modern laptops come with the most recent 'n' standard Wi-fi. Some laptops have wi-fi that is dual or triple stream, giving double or triple maximum speed if connected to a capable network.
A laptop weighing under 4 lbs is sometimes referred to as ultraportable. These are great when you're out, in a train, plane or another public place. Laptops over 6-7 lbs are better left on your desk.
Watch the number of products remaining (to the left). As this gets smaller, you get closer to the right laptop. We think less than 50 remaining is a good time to start looking at the Top Results.
If you find our website genuinely helpful and enjoyable to use, we would love it if you could let your friends know about us! Our facebook and twitter icons are one way to do this.
A new trend in computing, the Ultrabook is a thin, light, yet powerful premium laptop that is smaller than a regular laptop. To load the criteria describing an ultrabook, click here (reloads the page).
Modern Hard Drive storage is super-cheap and most people have far more than they need. A moderate modern hard drive is around 250 GB though some are as large as 1500 GB!
Laptops used to be thick and chunky but now many are less than 0.8" thick. This greatly enhances the portability and feel of a laptop. Find Thickness by clicking the + next to Size in Fine-Tuning.
The Fine-tuning area shows all the filters you have applied and allows you to modify these and add more. For the tick boxes, tick means must have, shaded means can have, empty means must not have.
If you see a computer that boots up very quickly, that's a fast hard drive. Many people don't realize Hard Drive Speed has a large impact on your computer's overall performance.
To load a saved search, log in and go to User Profile. Your saved searches are on the right hand side - load one by clicking Go. Once loaded, the saved url can also be shared with friends.
What is a laptop with Total Speed of 2000 like compared to a laptop with a score of 1000? You should literally experience double the speed (the faster laptop takes half the time to process something).
Most people won't want to play with the filters all day. Once you've entered your basic criteria, scroll down to see the top value results. Treat these as a shortlist and check them regularly.
An Apple laptop should come with the Apple's latest Operating System: Lion. A non-Apple will have Windows 7 Home Premium or possibly Professional. Professional is only an advantage for advanced users.
Click Buy to proceed to the retailer selling that laptop (after agreeing to our T&Cs). You may also be able to see promotional material & pictures of the laptop on the retailer's site.
If you don't know whether an Intel Core i5-2450M processor is faster than an AMD A6-3430MX, don't worry. This is why we give you a single benchmark score for the speed of each. 3569 beats 2252.
Each item in the cloud of Factors is something we think you might care about. Some of these contain multiple factors, for example find Bluetooth by clicking Connectivity and then clicking the plus.
Although nearly every component inside a laptop may be manufactured by a different company, laptop Brand still matters for considerations like build quality, warranty and support.
Most laptops have a standard manufacturer warranty lasting 12 months. The easiest way to get a longer warranty is to buy direct from the manufacturer and upgrade to a longer warranty during checkout.
What's important when assessing your remaining laptop options? The Good, The Bad and The Average of each one compared to the others. We provide this so you don't need to painstakingly work it out.
If you want a laptop with premium features, look for a backlit keyboard, a touch screen, a 3D-ready screen, a Blu-ray player or an aluminum or magnesium body.
Passmark provide the speed scores for Processor, Graphics, RAM and Hard Drive speed. We think these scores, based on real tests, are the best way to show which laptop is faster or slower than others.
New Solid State Drives are much faster than traditional Hard Disks, however are more expensive so often have less storage space. I you want an SSD, set Hard Drive speed to greater than 800.
The Product Environment is the core of the website, where all the laptops float around in space awaiting your judgement. Use the left or bottom drop-down menus to select a factor important to you.
A dedicated Graphics Card is needed if you want to play recent games or use other demanding 3D software like CAD. A graphics score of at least 1000 is required for recent titles. See our FAQ.
We take a lot of pride in accuracy of information on this site. If you do find an error, please notify us using the green Feedback button on the right side of your screen.
A higher resolution screen allows more information and greater detail to be displayed. A small number of laptops have Full HD resolution (1920x1080 or greater), great for watching HD movies.
At any time you can scroll down the page and see the top-ranked laptops that fit your criteria. The good and bad bits are shown along with who you can buy from at the best price.
RAM is the short-term memory of your computer - it is space the Processor (brain) uses to store frequently-accessed data. More RAM is better though the Processor is more important.
Many people like to run another monitor or TV screen from a TV-out port on their laptop. Look for an HDMI port or DisplayPort to connect to a modern screen, or a VGA port to connect to older monitors.
Would you like seeksolve to compare other products? Let us know by using the green Feedback button on the right side of your screen.
One gigabyte (GB) of hard drive stores approximately 250 songs, 500 photos or half a movie. Don't stress too much about this - plug-in external hard drives are cheap if you later need more space.
Screen size (measured diagonally from corner to corner) defines both the portability of a laptop and the uses you can put it to. An average laptop has a screen size of 14-16 inches.
When you click Buy to go through to a retailer selling a laptop, please make sure you check the product and specifications they list before purchasing to make sure they are exactly what you expect.
USB ports are the standard for plugging all sorts of useful devices into your laptop. Unless you are looking for a highly portable laptop, we recommend at least three.
The happy day will soon come when CD/DVD drives are no longer needed. Many smaller laptops now do not have one. If you must have one, click CD/DVD drive in the cloud of Factors and tick Built-in.
Passmark (external link) provide the speed scores used on this site. If you're an advanced computer user, you might like to visit Passmark and try their software to benchmark your computer.
Some laptops can convert into (chunky-looking) tablet PCs. Others come with a docking station that you plug the laptop into at home for extra ports or performance. See the General heading in Factors.
If you want to make a more ethical laptop purchase, click Green in the Factor cloud. Manufacturers are rated out of 10 by Greenpeace and the Enough Project for environmental and social performance.
Bluetooth and built-in 3G or 4G capabilities are much less essential than wi-fi for a laptop. You can always buy a USB stick that provides these functions later if you decide you need them.
Some seeksolve users like to play with the filters until every detail is perfect. Others are happy once they find a laptop that meets their main requirements and is for sale at a good price.
Thunderbolt is a new high-speed alternative to USB from Intel and Apple, currently mainly available on Apple laptops. It can also be used with a miniDisplayPort cable to run an external screen.

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